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Canada (CGG2010)

  Author: J. Huang, M. Veronneau     Created: 2010    Resp: M. Veronneau  
      Status: ON-DEMAND   

The Canadian Geoid Model CGG2010 has been developed at the Geodetic Survey Division of Natural Resource Canada ( This gravimetric model extends from 10°N to 90°N and from 10°W to 170°W with a grid spacing of 2'. The remove-restore Stokes-Helmert method has been reformulated for the determination of CGG2010 by a new Stokes kernel modification. In particular a spherical harmonic degree-band-limited kernel has been adopted with (degree: 120, cap: 6°) and with transition from degree 90 to 150. The long wavelength components of CGG2010 come from the GOCO01S geopotential model (including GRACE and GOCE information), which is further combined with EGM2008 to increase the resolution of the global model. Improvement with respect to the previous geoid model CGG2005 has been also achieved by including new data, i.e. the new marine gravity data, ArcGP gravity grids, and the new Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED). The geodetic reference system is NAD83. The geoid model is validated using GPS/levelling data, showing differences with a mean of -19.3 cm and a standard deviation of 13.5 cm, which goes down to 7.4 cm after filtering out systematic errors.

J. Huang, M. Veronneau (2013). Canadian gravimetric geoid model 2010. Journal of Geodesy, 87(8), pp. 771-790. DOI: 10.1007/s00190-013-0645-0

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