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Canada (CGG2005)

  Author: M. Veronneau, J. Huang     Created: 2005    Resp: M. Veronneau  
      Status: ON-DEMAND   

The Canadian Geoid Model CGG2005 has been developed at the Geodetic Survey Division of Natural Resource Canada ( This gravimetric model extends from 20°N to 84°N and from 10°W to 170°W with a grid pacing of 2'. It is computed using the fast-fourier transform (FFT) with a modified spheroidal (degree: 90, cap: 6°) Stokes kernel, as well as the remove-restore technique. The main enhancement with respect to CGG2000 is the inclusion of the GRACE satellite gravity data. This gravimetric information, obtained from the GGM02C global model up to degree and order 200, is used to define the long wavelengths of the geoid up to degree and order 90 through the degree-banded Stokes kernel. EGM96 is still used from degree 201 to 360 to increase the resolution of the global gravity model. The geodetic reference system is NAD83. The geoid model is validated using GPS/levelling data, showing differences with a mean of -10.7 cm and a standard deviation of 14.0 cm, which goes down to 8.4 cm after filtering out systematic errors.

M. Veronneau, J. Huang (2007). The Canadian Gravimetric Geoid Model of 2005 (CGG2005). Report of Geodetic Survey Division, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa.

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