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Brazil (MAPGEO2004)

  Authors: M.C.B. Lobianco, et al.     Created: 2004    Resp: D. Blitzkow
      Status: PUBLIC     Licence: CC BY 4.0  
The Brazilian geoid model MAPGEO2004 is limited by 7°N and 35°S in latitude and 34°W and 75°W in longitude with 10' resolution. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) technique was used to undertake the modified Stokes integral. The mean Helmert anomalies in 10'x10' grid was obtained from the existing terrestrial gravity data (IBGE, several institutions in Brazil and neighboring countries in continental area) until 2004. The free air anomalies of the KMS99 model was used in oceanic areas. The geopotential model EGM96 was used as a reference field restricted to degree and order 180. The geoid height was corrected from the zero-order term, -0.5 meter, for compatibility with the GRS80 ellipsoid, used by SIRGAS2000. The RMS difference associated with the MAPGEO2004 model was ±0.5 meter, determined from the comparison of IBGE GPS/levelling points.

Model Citation:
M.C.B. Lobianco, D. Blitzkow, A.C.O.C. de Matos (2004). The Brazilian gravimetric geoid: MAPGEO2004. V. 1.0. GFZ Data Services. DOI: 10.5880/isg.2004.002

D. Blitzkow, M.C.B. Lobianco (2004). Modelo de Ondulação Geoidal - MAPGEO2004. Seminario sobre Referencial Geocentrico no Brasil, 30 November - 3 December, 2004, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
M.C.B. Lobianco, D. Blitzkow, A.C.O.C. de Matos (2005). O novo modelo geoidal para o Brasil. IV Coloquio Brasileiro de Ciencias Geodesicas, IV CBCG, 16-20 May 2005, Curitiba, Brazil.

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DOI: 10.5880/isg.2004.002 (gravimetric geoid in ISG format)