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Province of Santa Fe - Argentina

  Authors: C. Cornero, et al.     Created: 2018    Resp: C. Cornero  
      Status: PUBLIC    
Static gravimetric geoid models of the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, were computed on a 5'x5' grid by the remove-restore technique using different global geoopotential models, namely GO_CONS_GCF_2_DIR_R5 and EIGEN6C4, both limited to degree and order 200 and 300. All the models are based on the same terrestrial gravimetric dataset, namely 39,771 observations falling into the province of Santa Fe, the surrounding Argentinian provinces and the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. Moreover, the SAM3s_v2 digital terrain model and the DTU10 oceanic gravity model were used. The calculation was accomplished with the Canadian SHGEO software package (Stokes-Helmert Geoid Software), developed by the Department of Geodesy and Geomatic Engineering of the University of New Brunswick, Canada. The statistical analysis was performed on 100 GNSS/levelling points, showing that the model based on the GO_CONS_GCF_2_DIR_R5 up to degree and order 300 is the one with greater consistency. In particular, this geoid model presents the smallest mean difference with respect to the GNSS/levelling data (0.096 m) and an RMS of the difference of 0.221 m.

C. Cornero, A. Pereira, M. Varela Sanchez, A.C.O.C. De Matos, D. Blitzkow, M.C. Pacino (2018). Modelado del geoide gravimetrico estatico para la provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina. Geoacta, 42(2), pp. 82-95 (in Spanish).

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