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Alaska (GEOID06)

  Authors: D.R. Roman, Y.M. Wang     Created: 2006    Resp: D.R. Roman  
      Status: PUBLIC    
GEOID06 is the first hybrid geoid model for Alaska computed by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS). It has a 1'x1' spatial resolution in latitude and longitude. It uses limited GPS derived ellipsoid heights on levelled benchmarks in both the U.S. and Canada. In particular the GEOID06 model is computed by fitting these GPS/levelling observations with the USGG2003 gravimetric geoid. Therefore the resulting GEOID06 model is suitable for converting NAD83 ellipsoid heights into equivalent NAVD88 orthometric heights.

D.R. Roman, Y.M. Wang, W. Henning, J. Hamilton (2004). Assessment of the New National Geoid Height Model, GEOID03. Surveying and Land Information Science, 64(3), pp. 153-162.
D.R. Roman, Y.M. Wang, J. Saleh, X. Li. (2010). Geodesy, geoids, and vertical datums: A perspective from the US National Geodetic Survey. Proceedings of the FIG Congress 2010, Facing the Challenges – Building the Capacity Sydney, Australia.

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