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Alaska (ALASKA94)

  Authors: D.G. Milbert, D. Schultz     Created: 1994    Resp: D.R. Roman  
      Status: PUBLIC    
ALASKA94 is an Alaskan geoid model computed by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS). It is referred to the GRS80 normal ellipsoid. Because of meridian convergence, it has a 3'x 6' spatial resolution in latitude and longitude respectively. It is computed using the same basic methods as GEOID93. Because of the poorer overall data coverage compared to GEOID93 for the continental US, error estimates for Alaska are larger, with an accuracy of about 20 cm over length scales of 100 km.

D.G. Milbert (1993). GEOID93: A high-resolution geoid for the United States, G&GS Update, Coast and Geodetic Survey, Vol. 5(3), Silver Spring, MD.
D.G. Milbert, D. Schultz (1993). GEOID, The National Geodetic Survey geoid computation program. Geodetic Services Division, National Geodetic Survey, NOAA, Silver Spring, MD.

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