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Tunisia (TNG)

  Author: M. Bourchech     Created: 2018    Resp: M. Bourchech  
      Status: PUBLIC    

TNG is a gravimetric geoid model for Tunisia computed by Office de la Topographie et du Cadastre (OTC), Tunisia. The area covered by this model is 36.61° < lat < 37.36°, 9.64° < lon < 10.39° with grid spacing of 0.05° in both latitude and longitude. It is referred to GRS80 and it is computed by using the remove-restore tecnhique with Stokes integration. It is based on about 57 gravity data, the EGM96 global geopotential model and a digital terrain model covering the area of Tunisia. The TNG model has been assessed by comparing it with 12 GPS/levelling points of the NGT network, showing residuals with a standard deviation of 1.64 cm after adjustment.

Z. Ismail (2016). Détermination de l’exactitude d’un géoïde gravimétrique. PhD Thesis at PSL Research University, Paris, France.

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