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  Authors: H.H. Fashir, M.A. Kadir     Created: 1998    Resp: H.H. Fashir 
      Status: ON-DEMAND   
This geoid has been computed for the whole of Sudan, ranging from 4° N to 24° N in latitude and 22° E to 38° E in longitude. The EGM96 geopotential model truncated to degree and order 70 was combined with surface gravity data and modified Stokes’s kernel to generate the geoid file. The surface data consist of 30' x 30' and 10' x 10' mean gravity anomalies. Comparison of the gravimetric geoid with the Doppler/levelling derived geoidal heights of 98 stations all over Sudan shows that the absolute agreement with respect to the Doppler/levelling datum is generally better than 1.43 m RMS.

H.H. Fashir, M.A. Kadir (2000). The Sudanese Gravimetric Geoid 1998: Stokesian Approach. IGeS Bulletin, 10, pp. 59-77.

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