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Sudan (SUD-GM2014)

  Authors: W. Godah, J. Krynski     Created: 2014    Resp: W. Godah 
      Status: PUBLIC  Licence: CC BY 4.0  
Digital object identifier:
DOI: 10.5880/isg.2014.001 (geoid in ISG format)

The Sudanese SUD-GM2014 gravimetric geoid model has been computed from the available terrestrial mean free-air gravity anomalies, the TIM-R4 GOCE-only global geopotential model, and the high-resolution SRTM30_PLUS global digital elevation model. The computation has been performed by using the remove-compute-restore procedure and the least squares collocation method. Thereafter, the SUD-GM2014 model has been evaluated by using geoid heights at 19 GNSS/levelling points distributed over the country, showing an overall accuracy of 30 cm. However, this estimate of the geoid model quality could not be fully representative due to the low accuracy, very limited number and inhomogeneous distribution of the used GNSS/levelling control points. The SUD-GM2014 model has been recommended as reference for GNSS heighting in Sudan.

Model Citation:
W. Godah, J. Krynski (2014). The Sudanese gravimetric geoid: SUD-GM2014. V. 1.0. GFZ Data Services.DOI: 10.5880/isg.2014.001

W. Godah, J. Krynski (2015). A new gravimetric geoid model for the area of Sudan using the least squares collocation and a GOCE-based GGM. International Association of Geodesy Symposia. DOI: 10.1007/1345_2015_196

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