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Reunion Island (GGR99)

  Author: IGN     Created: 1999    Resp: F. L'Ecu 
      Status: PUBLIC   
GGR99 is a geoid model for the Reunion Island computed by IGN (Institut National de l'Information Geographique et Forestiere). It covers the area from -21.50° to -20.76° in latitude and from 55.14° to 55.94° in longitude, with a grid resolution of 0.02°. It is computed by interpolating GPS/levelling points and it represents the height of the IGN89 reference surface above the GRS80 ellipsoid in the RGR92 geodetic reference frame. The expected accuracy of the GGR99 model is 30-50 cm.

IGN (2008). Ile de La Reunion - Descriptif technique di quasi-geoide gravimetrique QGGR06 et de la grille de conversion altimetrique RAR07. Institut Geographique National, Service de Géodésie et Nivellement.

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