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  Authors: A. Lyszkowicz, A. Ali Wahiba     Created: 1998    Resp: A. Lyszkowicz  
      Status: ON-DEMAND   
The Libya gravimetric geoid was computed by using Stokes' integral in the framework of a remove-restore technique. The integral is evaluated in the frequency domain by the multi-band Fast Fourier Transform approximation with a proper zero padding. The used data were: 5' x 5' gridded value of Bouguer anomalies (onshore) and free-air anomalies (offshore) released for geoid computation by GETECH, a 5' x 5' global digital terrain model, the OSU91A and EGM96 global geopotential models.

A. Lyszkowicz, A. Ali Wahiba (1998). The Gravimetric Geoid for Libya. In: R. Forsberg, M. Feissel, R. Dietrich (eds.), Geodesy on the Move, IAG Symposia Series, vol. 119, pp. 275-280, Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-72245-5_40

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