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Lake Vostok - Antarctica

  Authors: J. Schwabe, et al.     Created: 2014    Resp: J. Schwabe  
      Status: PUBLIC   

We present a regional geoid model for the area of Lake Vostok, Antarctica, from a combination of local airborne gravity, ice-surface and ice-thickness data and a lake bathymetry model. The topography data are used for residual terrain modelling (RTM) in a remove-compute-restore approach together with the GOCE satellite model GOCO03S. The disturbing potential at the Earth's surface, i.e. the quasigeoid, is predicted by least-squares collocation (LSC) and subsequently converted to geoid heights. Compared to GOCO03S our regional solution provides an additional short-wavelength signal of up to 1.48 m, or 0.56 m standard deviation, respectively.

J. Schwabe, H. Ewert, M. Scheinert, R. Dietrich (2014). Regional geoid modeling in the area of subglacial Lake Vostok, Antarctica. Journal of Geodynamics, 75, pp. 9-21.

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