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  Author: W.H. Subiza Pina, et al.     Created: 2000    Resp: W.H. Subiza Pina  
      Status: PUBLIC   
This new computation of the Uruguay Geoid covers area (latitude -30°  to -35° and longitude 301,5° to 307°).

Data types used were a high degree geopotential model, namely the EGM96 spherical harmonic coefficient set; a set of 15860 gravity stations and a 2 km x 2 km digital terrain model for the uruguayan terrestrial data, completed with bathymetric and GTOPO30 model data for the rest of the area.

The remove-restore technique (Sideris, 1997) was successfully applied, combining the three mentioned datasets. The external  masses to the geoid was considered with the second Helmert condensation method, taking in account the indirect effect. The gravimetric contribution was calculated using residual free-air anomalies in the spherical Stokes formula, evaluated with 1D-FFT as suggested by (Haagmans et al., 1993).

W.H. Subiza Pina, H. Rovera Di Landro, L. Turban (2002). The Vertical Datum and Local Geoidal Models in Uruguay. In: H. Drewes, A.H. Dodson, L.P. Souto Fortes, L. Sanchez, P. Sandoval (eds.), Vertical Reference Systems, IAG Symposia Series, vol. 124, pp. 169-175, Springer Verlag.