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Mexico (GGM10)

  Author: D. Avalos Naranjo     Created: 2010    Resp: INEGI  
      Status: PUBLIC    
GGM10 is a gravimetric geoid model for Mexico computed by the General Direction of Geography and Environment at the INEGI. It covers the region from 14° to 33° in latitudes and from 86° to 119° in west longitude, with a grid resolution of 2.5 arc-minutes. It is based on gravity data collected from 1970 up to June 2010. A remore-restore procedure is implemented by using the EIGEN-GRACE02S satellite-only global geopotential model for the long wavelengths of the field and the Continuo de Elevaciones Mexicano as the main digital terrain elevation model. The geoid determination is based on the Stokes-Helmert technique with the software provided by the University of New Brunswick (UNB). The resulting GGM10 model is referred to the GRS80 reference ellipsoid in the ITRF2008 frame (epoch 2010.0). Its estimated absolute accuracy in geoidal height values is 20 cm.

INEGI (2015). El geoide gravimetrico mexicano 2010. Instituto Nacional de Estradistica y Geografia (INEGI), Aguascalientes, Mexico.
D. Avalos-Naranjo (2015). Calculo del Geoide Gravimetrico Mexicano: Tecnica Stokes Helmert. Report of the Instituto Nacional de Estradistica y Geografia (INEGI), Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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