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Canada (CGG2013)

  Author: J. Huang, M. Veronneau     Created: 2013    Resp: M. Veronneau  
      Status: ON-DEMAND   

The Canadian Geoid Model CGG2013 has been developed at the Canadian Geodetic Survey of Natural Resource Canada ( This gravimetric model extends from 10°N to 90°N and from 10°W to 170°W with a grid spacing of 2'. The remove-restore Stokes-Helmert method has been used with a Stokes kernel modification (degree: 150, cap: 6°) with transition from degree 120 to 180. In particular the model CGG2013 has been computed following the same procedure as for the previous model CGG2010, with two exceptions: (1) the underlying model is EIGEN6C3stat up to degree 1949; (2) the marine altimetry-derived gravity data are from the DTU10 model. CGG2013 is available in the NAD83 and ITRF2008 geodetic reference systems. The geoid model is validated using GPS/levelling data, showing differences with a mean of -15.7 cm and a standard deviation of 13.1 cm, which goes down to 7.3 cm after filtering out systematic errors.
Note: the boundaries (90°N/10°N/170°W/10°W) are the outside of the cell. The location of the point is at the centre of the cell. For example, the first point of the file would be at 89°59'N and 169°59'W and the last point would be at 10°01'N and 10°01'W.

J. Huang, M. Veronneau (2013). Canadian gravimetric geoid model 2010. Journal of Geodesy, 87(8), pp. 771-790.

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