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Argentina (GEOIDEAR16)

  Authors: D.A. Pinon, et al.     Created: 2016    Resp: D.A. Pinon  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The GEOIDEAR16 Argentinean gravimetric geoid model was developed using the remove-compute-restore technique and incorporating the GOCO05S satellite-only global geopotential model up to degree and order 280, together with about 650,000 land and marine gravity measurements. Terrain corrections were calculated for all gravity observations using a combination of the SRTM_v4.1 and SRTM30_Plus_v10 digital elevation models. For the regions that lacked of gravity observations, the DTU13 gravity model was utilised. The residual gravity anomalies were gridded using the tensioned spline algorithm. The resultant gravity anomaly grid was applied in the Stokes' integral using the spherical multi-band FFT approach and the deterministic kernel modification proposed by Wong and Gore. The accuracy of GEOIDEAR16 was assessed by comparing it with GPS-levelling derived geoid undulations at 1,904 locations and the EGM2008 model. Results show that the GEOIDEAR16 geoid model has an accuracy of less than 10 centimetres.

D.A. Pinon, K. Zhang, S. Wu, S.R. Cimbaro (2016). A New Argentinean Gravimetric Geoid Model - GEOAR. Proceedings of the XXVI IUGG General Assembly. IAG Symposia Series, Springer Verlag (under review).

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