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Lagos State - Nigeria

  Authors: J.O. Odumosu, et al.     Created: 2016    Resp: J.O. Odumosu  
      Status: PRIVATE    

This is a gravimetric geoid model for the Lagos State (Nigeria). Its computation is based on the direct evaluation of the Stokes integral using gravity anormalies obtained from BGI. The resulting gravimetric model has an error RMS of 2.37 cm when compared with a GPS/levelling solution of the same area.

J.O. Odumosu, K.M. Kelly, O.G. Omogunloye, Q.A. Adejare, O.O. Adeleke, A.M. Olaniyi (2016). Empirical geoid modelling using classical gravimetric method. Proceedings of the FIG Working Week 2016, Christchurch, New Zealand.